Peter Szemraj

Statistics MSc - ETH Zürich


Statistics Student at ETH Zürich. A dual Polish and US Citizen.

Three years of prior work experience in the US Energy Sector: supply chain operations, project management, and analytics.

Interested in applications of NLP, computer vision, and unsupervised learning to biochemistry, written document information retrieval, and geospatial topics.

Contact info below, and my calendar booking tool can be found here.


  • BoulderSpot - extended MVP from CASSINI Hackathon to search for new bouldering (rock climbing) outdoors with a CNN trained on Swiss public satellite data.

  • BoulderAreaDetector: A computer vision deep learning app that finds new rock climbing and bouldering areas in satellite images.

  • vid2cleantxt: a transformer-based pipeline for turning heavily speech-based video files into clean, readable text from the audio.

  • Oral Wound Healing Modelling, analysis of time series patient-treatment panel data in R from a project in the Seminar for Statistics.


  • Part of the team placing 3rd in the CASSINI EU Space4Impact Hackathon in June 2021 with NatureGeoDiscoverer, a remote sensing "area of interest" PoC



ETH ZürichMSc StatisticsExp. Fall 2022
Rice UniversityB.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringMay 2017
Glenbrook North High SchoolHigh School DiplomaMay 2013

Neural Art

I enjoy working with neural networks in multimodal ways to see ideas in new ways. Some of the networks I use to create art from text are:
SIREN network & the embeddings from OpenAI's CLiP (see here for further detail).Latent Diffusion models trained on the LAION-400M Dataset
Prompt design, exploration, & model enhancements are my own.

GPT-Peter: Language Model

Is a generative language model of Peter possible?


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Let's meet!

Below is an interface for my cal scheduling tool.

Cal Scheduling Tool

Cal helps combine the different Google accounts I use for various organizations to show when I'm free :)Use the applet below to book a meeting time that gets automatically reserved, and then we can chat!